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Arshad Moscogiuri  is an engaging and direct communicator. In an innovative and deep way, he deals with the unification of individual, social and environmental conscience. In his books and writings, as well as in exciting meetings and events, he transmits a lucid awareness of our times, of social dynamics and of their influence on our psyche, emotions and spirit. Co-founder and director from 2000 to 2016 of a holistic school, commune, meditation and wellness center, Arshad is particularly attentive to the scientific attitude, the clarity of exposition and the continuous updating of a research in constant evolution. He approached meditation in 1987 with the Indian master Osho Rajneesh. Since many years, he's an Executive, Leadership, Team and Personal Coach. He is Post-Graduate in Positive Psychology Health and Wellness Coaching  at the College of Executive Coaching of Arroyo Alto (California, USA), he's NBHWC certified (National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching) and has achieved Foundation of Positive Psychology Specialization (Penn University, USA). Certified professional trainer and supervisor counselor, he offers individual sessions and coaching and teaches audiences, teachers and professionals since 1995. He is Lecturer for LUISS Business School at Executive Skill Lab Self Empowerment. He has directed and conducted hundreds of courses, meditations and techniques of personal development, collaborating with various training schools. He has elaborated the thesis of the transformation of fundamental separations and is the author of the book "The psychology of Zorba - ourselves nature and others". In 2013 he published "Fukushima Global Warming and Competition - If not you who? If not now when?", a text that links crucial issues and points out concrete dilemmas of our time. In 2020 he has collaborated with Anna Zanardi for the book: “Married to their work: Family and Business Clash as Evolutionary Agents”.

Circle guide since 1995, he created the Osho Inipi Circle in 1996, the Rose of the Gates in 1999, the Course of Contemporary Esotericism in 2003. From 2007 he has created many courses, ranging from Empathy to Centering, from Complete Communication to Mind Decoding.

He was among the first journalists to write about meditation, well-being and personal development in Italy. Author, program leader and editor in chief for an international radio station via satellite, in 1999 he abandoned his work as a journalist and devoted himself full time to research, experimenting with new systemic models of aggregation and cooperation. He identifies a holistic vision based on the transformation of separations from ourselves, from others and from nature. Today he shares instruments of emancipation and critical intelligence that make possible an inner evolution and the external reflection of this in human relationships, in work and in society. His work has been recognized as a holistic specialization by the SICOOL association for Holistic Professionals and as part of the Holistic Training by the Academy of Light, where he teaches Inner and Spiritual Research.

Arshad Moscogiuri is active in the field of consulting and coaching for different types of organizations, companies and enterprises that are interested in the development and maintenance of managers and talents. Leadership specialist for executives, professionals and public figures, family and systemic-organizational constellator, facilitator of consolidation and communication of teams, he combines in his profession experience and research for an intelligent evolution of human relationships in business as well as in individual life. He coordinates a group of professionals offering coaching solutions, counseling, team building and retreats. He teaches meditation and meditation leading. Within corporate coaching, he counts top managers and executives from some of the biggest companies such as Generali, Alliance, Mc Kinsey and others among his clients.

He is Hogan certified for assessment and consulting solutions. Arshad is also trained in Family and Systemic Constellation.




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